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Before and After Cleaning of the Acoustical Ceilings


Kansas City Ceiling Cleaning offers the National Ceiling Cleaning Maintenance Program to our Customers that will help you not only solve several areas of facility maintenance, such as Acoustical Ceiling Restoration, Open Structure Cleaning, Lighting Maintenance, Wall Cleaning and other areas of specialty cleaning.  With our National Maintenance Programs you will improve your facilities appearance and more importantly improve operational expenses of contracting, coordinating, and dealing with several vendors.


Tell us about your needs and we will provide a maintenance program that best suits you and your facility.  We have Quarterly, Semi-Annual and Annual National Maintenance Programs available.


Ceiling Cleaning and Restoration Before and After


The logical reason that the kitchens and deli’s acoustical ceilings and open structures require a more intense cleaning method is due to the effects of the cooking oils being heated to the point that they become a fume and rise with the air. Once they come into contact with a surface, they accumulate and cool.


These are organic substances and contain sufficient moisture to be an attractive medium for microbial growth.  Bacteria and mold spore exist everywhere at all times without exception.


Before and After Cleaning of the Acoustical Ceilings



The only possible way to control levels is to control the moisture required for them to grow. If oils are allowed to accumulate, the condensation from the hot oils is certainly sufficient moisture and the oil is a good source of organic material used as a food source.



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We provide Acoustical Ceiling Cleaning and Open Structure Cleaning, Specialty Cleaning Services, Wall Cleaning and Lighting Services to include Spot and Group Relamping and the Cleaning of Lighting Fixtures.



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